About SCIP

This page contains general information about SCIP. Links will provide more detailed information about becoming a member and general guidelines on how SCIP functions.

Member Information

Each SCIP member maintains an office with an extensive reference library and is primarily engaged in the practice of specification consulting. Membership includes about 180 full time independent consultants in practice from coast to coast and beyond. SCIP members subscribe to a Standard Code of Practice.

SCIP welcomes specifiers who are in-house specialist employees of firms providing a broader range of professional design services to join as Affiliate members. Although they are not responsible for managing their own firms, they have many of the same specifications services issues as independent Members.

Member Services

Members of Specifications Consultants in Independent Practice serve architects and engineers who need written documents prepared by specialists who are technically up-to-date in document organization, materials and methods, and production aids. Internet, phone, and face-to-face contact allow outside consultants to meet deadlines and to provide personal service that compares to utilizing an in-house specialist. Many design firms use independent specifications consultants as a vital part of their internal quality control and claims avoidance programs, as well as to control cost in an area of practice that requires specialization and years of experience. SCIP members also serve public agencies, product manufacturers, and facility managers who use consulting specifiers to provide services for which they cannot quickly or economically build staff. In addition, many specifications consultants offer related services such as investigations, document coordination/quality control, master text preparation, automation consulting and expert witness.


The SCIP Roster is available to bona fide clients seeking help in specification writing. Specialized rosters direct clients to members specializing in short form specifying, specific building types, and product literature preparation. Consult SCIP about current resource lists in the area of your need.

Employment Ad Policy

Although SCIP is primarily an organization of independent specifiers, we recognize that it can be a service to our members and their potential clients to help teammates connect on a more permanent basis. With that in mind, here are the guidelines for posting job opportunities to SCIP.com. Please make your request via email to webmaster@scip.com.


Hot Line
(818) 390-7692