Affiliate Membership Application (AC)

I hereby apply for membership as an AFFILIATE MEMBER of SCIP and attest to the following:

In accordance with the SCIP Bylaws, dated June 21, 2018, I certify to the following Affiliate Member requirements:

I spend more than 50% of my working hours preparing and editing construction project specifications and master specifications in multiple Divisions of CSI/CSC Master Format or an equivalent recognized international specifications organizations system. 

Preparation of specifications may include construction products research, evaluation, and selection;

preparation of technical information and literature on building products and systems;

preparation and presentation of educational programs and writing about specifications and building products (if done in addition to specification writing);

acting as an expert witness in arbitration and other proceedings pertaining to construction technology; investigation and recommendation of restoration or replacement of areas of existing construction for property managers and similar companies;

and engaging in other related activities which utilize the knowledge and skill of the specifier.

I know and understand standard specifications formats, languages, and techniques, and familiar with the CSI Practice Guides or equivalent documents of other recognized international specifications organizations.

I understand standard contract provisions and the development of supplementary contract conditions pertaining to construction specifications, including contract documents published by other design and construction organizations.

I am willing to subscribe to and accept to be bound by the SCIP “Standard Code of Practice.”

I understand that Affiliate Membership is not valid until approved by the SCIP Board of Directors and payment of dues in accordance with the SCIP bylaws.