Employment Ad Policy

Although SCIP is primarily an organization of independent specifiers, we recognize that it can be a service to our members and their potential clients to help teammates connect on a more permanent basis. With that in mind, here are the guidelines for posting job opportunities to SCIP.com.
We post hiring ads if the following criteria are met.
  1. Job description explicitly requires SCIP membership or the equivalent skills, specifications focus, and experience of a specifier.
  2. Request comes directly from the hiring company; request may come from a recruiter only if the hiring company’s name and contact information are shared.
  3. Ad includes the hiring company by name.
  4. Ad text includes a job title, a short description, and a link to an online listing or a named contact and email address with whom to apply.
  5. An image in landscape format is helpful but not required: We post with a generic image if no image is provided.
We post job ads as news items. An ad will appear on the home page until it is superseded by other news items or until it expires. It remains available on the web site’s news feed until it expires. Expiration occurs after thirty days or until the hiring company requests removal, whichever happens first.

Please make your request via email to webmaster@scip.com.