Nominate Recipients of SCIP Education Award

FELLOW SCIP MEMBERS: A  longtime SCIP member has proposed and funded a SCIP annual award for education. Nominations are now open for the second annual award, to be announced at the 2018 membership meeting.

SCIP Education Award 2018 Application – Click Here to Nominate

SCIP Award for Education in Specifications and Construction Technology

PURPOSE: To honor and subsidize a SCIP member for accomplishment in providing education to architects, engineers, or participants in the construction industry in the areas of specification writing, development, and interpretation.

AWARD CRITERIA: Awarded to any SCIP member who has provided education in specifications or construction technology, whether provided free or for pay, related to specifications, specifications writing, or construction technology, and given to individuals or groups participating in the construction industry.

NOMINATION AND SELECTION CRITERIA: To be nominated by a current SCIP member, and winner selected by majority vote of the SCIP Board, from the nominees submitted. Recipient must be a current SCIP member.

FORM OF AWARD: A plaque, trophy, clock, or similar displayable device bearing the year of the award, award title, award description, and name of the recipient. Award accompanied by an award check for $1,000 payable to the recipient.

AWARD FREQUENCY: Annual award, subject to availability of funds. Award not to be given if no suitable nominees are received, as determined by the Board.

PRESENTATION AND ANNOUNCEMENT: Award and check to be announced at the annual SCIP membership meeting, award and check to be mailed if necessary, after the meeting, with a simultaneous announcement on the website.

If you have a candidate that you wish to submit for consideration to receive this award, please fill out the application form above and send it to or mail to:

Linda Stansen

Stansen Specifications




Applications must be received by end of day on September 14, 2018.

Click here to download application form. Criteria and instructions are included in the form.