SCIP Sponsor Program

Specifications Consultants in Independent Practice (SCIP) – www.scip.com

Purpose: To accept sponsorships to help fund SCIP events, programs, professional promotions, and member benefits as determined by the SCIP Board of Directors.

Sponsor Opportunities:

(Please note that as of June 1, 2019, ALL sponsorship opportunities for the current fiscal year 2020 have been filled, except for meal and snack sponsorships at the annual SCIP meeting next October). If you are interested in being a SCIP sponsor in the future or have any questions about sponsorship,

please contact:


(S O L D  O U T) Exhibiting Sponsor: $1500

  • Recognition in the annual SCIP meeting announcements and agenda
  • Recognition on the SCIP website
  • Two tickets to attend one day of the SCIP meeting
  • Two tickets to SCIP sponsor recognition cocktail party
  • Tabletop exhibit one day during the SCIP meeting

(S O L D   O U T) Presenting Sponsor: $2500 (Limited to ten total); Exhibiting sponsor benefits, plus

  • Ten minutes to address the SCIP meeting attendees (Preference will be given to
    exhibiting sponsors who did not present the previous year)

Other Sponsor Opportunities:

  • (S O L D   O U T) $1,000 Printing – only one available (program and meeting signage)
  • $1,000 meals and breaks – multiple available for breakfast, meals and breaks
  • (S O L D   O U T) Name Badges.
  • (AVAILABLE) Meal and Snack Sponsorships at October annual meeting. Contact us for more information.

SCIP is a 501(c)(6) nonprofit District of Columbia corporation. Sponsorships may be tax deductible. Check with your accounting professional. The SCIP Board of Directors, in consultation with the members, will decide how sponsorships will be used.  Information about how sponsorships are used will be provided to sponsors upon request.

Sponsors will receive all appropriate benefits immediately. Sponsor benefits will extend through the next annual SCIP meeting after receipt of each sponsorship.

The annual SCIP meeting is a two day event scheduled Monday and Tuesday immediately preceding the annual CONSTRUCT Show and CSI convention.  See http://constructshow.com/ for the show schedule.