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KnowHow is a publication that provides technical and membership information.
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SCIPping Along
May 2014

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SCIPping Along  is a status Report from the SCIP Board.

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August 2010

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A series of insights by Ralph Liebing that give an unique perspective to the practice of writing specifications. This is the latest issue.

Links to 2010 SCIP Ads in:
The Construction Specifier

Spec News
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A series of news items for specifiers by Mark Kalin on building products, LEED tips, and more.

10 Things Specifiers Wish Product Reps Knew

A helpful report by CSI for product representatives and manufacturers.























(If you wanted the Society of Competitive Intelligence Professionals,
click here.) celebrated
its 17th anniversary
September 2013

Phone Direct
818) 390-7692

 Serving the Specifier Community for
6 years.

      Specifications Consultants in Independent Practice is an international technical resource organization which assists design firms, owners, and manufacturers in acquiring professionally written construction specifications from qualified independent and employed specifiers, who:
a.   advance excellence in preparing construction
b.   promote their special services and expertise
      to potential clients.
c.   share their knowledge, experience, and resources
      through discussions, conferences, and educational
d.   network for mutual benefit.


CSI's  Jury of Fellows has voted to honor three SCIP members with Fellowship this year. Congratulations to:
Ann Baker, RA, CSI, CCS, CCCA, SCIP - Denver Chapter
Marc Chavez, CSI, CCS, CCCA, SCIP - Puget Sound Chapter
Walter Scarborough, CSI, CCS, CCCA, SCIP - Dallas Chapter


Ballots have been tallied and results are final. The Board of Directors will take office on July 1, 2014 and serve until June 30, 2016.

Immediate Past President, David Lorenzini
President, David Stutzman
President-Elect, John Carter
Vice-President, Peter Jordan
Vice-President, Linda Stansen
Secretary, Marilyn Smith
Treasurer, Stephen Falk
Affiliate Director, Don Harris

A copy of the Secretary's official report can be downloaded here.

Member Forum in BALTIMORE

The Annual Meeting at Construct2014 will be held Monday,
September 8, 2014
at the Baltimore Convention Center,  starting with a sponsored breakfast at 8am.

Click here to download a schedule.

Note that the convention will end with the business meeting on Friday afternoon. There will be no exhibit or Awards Gala on Friday.

Make hotel reservations early, since there will be a huge celebration of the Star Spangled Banner that week.

Details to follow as they are confirmed.



Due to his impending retirement, William Buchholz is offering his manufacturer catalogs, CSI Manual of Practice, and related specifier resources to SCIP members in the San Francisco Bay Area.

If interested, contact Bill at (650)367-7019, or


The Annual Meeting at Construct2013 was held Monday, September 23, 2013. at the Music City (convention) Center starting with a breakfast hosted by Draper. The meeting started with the annual business meeting, followed by the traditional open forum. Lunch was provided by PPG. A note pad and space pen gift was distributed to members by Nystrom. CSI President Casey Robb also addressed the group.
The meeting
finished with a special panel presentation (see below) coordinated by Dave Stutzman that started after a refreshment break hosted by Assa Abloy. A new feature of this year's meeting was the use of six push-to-talk hand-held microphones, one for each 6 members, sponsored by ICC's International Accreditation Service (IAS).

Arkema hosted their 10th annual reception for SCIP members and guests this year at the Hilton Nashville Downtown with a theme of Nashville music. Scale models of guitars autographed by Nashville music greats were raffled off to 12 lucky winners. 

See bottom of this page for official group photo.

SCIP fy2014 annual meeting panel presentation
s a windup to the Annual Meeting, a special panel presentation organized by David Stutzman on the topic Contractor and Craftsmen Certifications was presented.

SCIP invited three different organizations to join a dialog with our members:

  • Firestop Contractors International Association with its recently established certification program. Bill McHugh, FCIA panelist.
  • Architectural Woodwork Institute with its well established Quality Certification Program. Joe Sorelli, AWI panelist.
  • Finishing Trade Contractors International with its proposed certification program. Tony Darkangelo, FCA panelist.

Each organization presented the basics of their certification programs how they work, who they certify, who enforces, and what result is expected. Then we opened the discussion between our members and the panelists for questions and answers about each program and for questions about what specifiers expected.

Click here for downloadable 4-page description of Panel Presentation.

SCIP SPONSORS college of fellows publication

SCIP sponsored the inaugural edition of the College of Fellows History & Directory, funding the entire cost of printing the publication. The donation was approved by the membership in attendance at the Annual Meeting in Phoenix in September 2012. The SCIP logo appears on the back cover. The front cover is pictured in the panel at left.

The publication was distributed at Construct2013 in Nashville, and is available for $20 from by clicking on the image of the book on the left.

announced Service Awards to one person and two organizations that have provided outstanding services to specifiers over the past several years. A Publication Excellence Service Award was presented to Ralph Liebing, Publisher of Per-SPEC-tives. Website Excellence Service Awards were presented to Colin Gilboy, Publisher of , and to the team of Rick Jannott, CEO & Bill Jannott, Co-Presidents of ARCAT. Their efforts are truely unique and worthy of appreciation of specifiers everywhere.

Click names to view award certificates and descriptions

Watch September 2012 annual meeting on YouTube!

As an experiment,  the annual meeting at Construct2012 in Phoenix was broadcast live, recorded on video, and stored privately on the Internet using Google+ Hangout.  To view it, visit
The audio and video are not the best, but it served the purpose of demonstrating the possibility of engaging other members who were not able to attend to someday participate in the proceedings.

SCIP has a lawyer on call
s a member benefit, SCIP members are entitled to two free calls to LegaLine.
Read more

Now! direct phone access to SCIP
ot down this number: (818)390-7692. Now you can reach SCIP Membership Chair/Treasurer directly. Although this is not a toll free number, you might want to clear up some matters quickly.

member database UPDATE

The member database has been in effect since February 2009. Members should have updated their own profiles by now. For those who haven't, be sure to use the email address that was on file in September 2008 to login. If you have a problem, contact the treasurer.
Access the Member Database under Quick Links.

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 SCIP GROUP PHOTO at 2013 CSI Convention
Nashville, Tennessee

Click photo for larger image.

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